Who We Are

Bind & Loose Group, LLC is a faith-based umbrella company that serves as the parent organization for five dynamic subsidiaries, each specializing in a unique sector. Our company is dedicated to providing valuable resources to the community while upholding a strong sense of faith and purpose. Our subsidiaries include Bind & Loose Clothing Company, Bind & Loose Books, Bind & Loose Foundation, Bind & Loose Ministries, and Bind & Loose Studios. We are committed to connecting people back with God in creative and life-applicable ways. 

Bind & Loose Clothing Company  provides faith-based apparel that encourages and empowers people through fashion and the Word of God.  We also offer custom printing for apparel, accessories and other merchandise.

Bind & Loose Books enjoys publishing material that encourages the reader.  We publish magazines, self-help books, children's books, inspirational journals and more. 

Bind & Loose Foundation empowers communities through small business development. We are committed to helping entrepreneurs thrive through innovative programs that connect faith-based principles with life-applicable strategies.

Bind & Loose Ministries focuses on giving back to the community through volunteering, programs, community events and more.