Bind & Loose Group, LLC is a faith-based umbrella company that serves as the parent organization for five dynamic subsidiaries, each specializing in a unique sector. Our company is dedicated to providing valuable resources to the community while upholding a strong sense of faith and purpose. Our subsidiaries include Bind & Loose Clothing Company, Bind & Loose Books, Bind & Loose Studios, Bind & Loose Ministries, and Bind & Loose Foundation. We are committed to connecting people back with God in creative and life-applicable ways. 

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Bind & Loose Books publishes first magazine!

Life+God  is set to launch Fall of 2023 and boy is there a lot of talk about it already! 

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Get styles that are saying something! Faith-based apparel that have a message people have been waiting to hear.

Pastor Areda sends a new message to God's people

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